Enicar Super Divette

Enicar Super Divette face view

The present ENICAR super divette belongs to the very appealing family of dive watches holding a so-called super compressor case.

But what is a super compresssor case?

The super compressor case (also called EPSA case) was patented by case manufacturer Ervin Piquerez SA.

Its innovation lies on a the fact that the case becomes sealed tighter while the pressure increases thanks to a compressed O-ring gasket.

This innovation was of main importance for dive application back in the 60’s.

How to identify a SC case at first glance? (at least have a first idea!)

The oversized dual crown gives you a clue that the case you are looking at might be a super compressor case, but this is not all.

Almost all of super compressor watches have the distinctive cross- hatching marks on crowns, some brands even added their respective logo over the crown.

Enicar dual crowns details

Another identifying mark is the Super Compressor Helmet logo, almost always stamped inside the case back of the watch.

The super compressor case was produced by EPSA from the 50’s to the 70’s in two sizes : 36mm and 41mm, with a huge premium today for watches holding the 41mm case.

Many watch brands used the super compressor case, the most renowned of them being IWC (Aquatimer), JLC (Polaris) or even Longines with its ref 7150-1.

Among all of them, Enicar was a very innovative brand in terms of design, even using both size of the SC case: 41mm for the super-dive and 36mm for the present super-divette.

The ultra-dive was another model using an asymetrical dual crown SC case. 

While the 41mm of the super dive might be more in line with today’s trend, this 36mm super divette wears very well, with the robust SC case and its beautiful massive faceted lugs.

Different dial can be found, with applied or white painted Saturn logo.

Also, different hands combination have been seen.

It is not clear to me for the time being what is the chronology behind these variations or even if there is any!

This triangle visible on the side of the case was meant to be aligned with the “0” stamped onto the case back, below the “swiss” engraving. 

Enicar Super Divette details of the caseback

 Super compressor dive watches are a wide, very interesting and very appealing family.

An important premium is to be expected for 41mm models but 36mm models can still be found in wonderful condition for a reasonable amount of money…

With the current increasing demand, especially for brands like ENICAR with lovely chrono like the famous Sherpa Graph, this might not last for ever!

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